Information for applicants for the job

We understand your goals, needs and requirements

At the beginning of the process, we will clarify with you your ideas, plans and expectations and together we will set and agree on the way of mutual cooperation and communication.

We will introduce you only the corresponding job offers

We will introduce you only with the job opportunities, which are corresponding according to your profile, requirements and expectations.

We are actively looking for suitable work positions

We will seek for you the right job positions and actively reach out to our customers regarding the possibilities of your application.

We'll prepare you for job interviews

We will prepare you for meetings with potential employers. We will provide you with advice to successfully handle the entire selection process.

You will be presented with feedback and support during negotiation.

We will continually provide you with true and open feedback and take your results from the selection processes and suggest possible improvements. We will give you advice when negotiating the terms of your remuneration and benefits.

We will stay in touch with you

We will provide you with support when starting a new job and we will monitor the process of your adaptation on a continuous basis.

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