Information for employers

"The main goal of our agency is to provide our client with personal needs regardless of size and focus. The agency is based on the three qualities which are flexibility, professionalism and seriousness. "- CEO Miroslav Krupa

- CEO Miroslav Krupa

We guarantee you:

Part of our care for your needs in the field of personalistic is both guarantees, the results of our work and the risks associated with recruiting new employees. The most important guarantees we offer include:

  • if workers' deficiencies are found, you may request a worker replacement
  • we do not invoice our remuneration until the end of the month based on your hours worked report
  • free replacement of a worker in case of his departure or your dissatisfaction
  • we take full responsibility for staffing the production of our clients and we enable them to carelessly focus on the chosen business department

Our clients appreciate:

  • assigning a permanent coordinator to address needs within "inhouse service" with the client
  • the coordinator personally identifies workers, solves the selection agenda, contract signatures and legislative requirements
  • we regularly communicate with our clients, either personally or by telephone
  • we can ensure that the workers with the required profession are able to secure themselves in the given time in the shortest possible time
  • all of our services are always tailored for clients
  • in time start of the search process and selection of suitable staff
  • approval of selected employees by clients
  • complete processing of the personnel and payroll agenda